Musical Direction and Technical Support For Touring Bands and Signed Artists



Rehearsal plans, new song arrangements, budgets for playback rigs, preparation of playback tracks, and more

Sourcing Musicians

Find the right musicians for your needs. Draw from a wide and diverse network of musicians both in the UK and the US


Get rehearsals right, don’t waste time and money doing preproduction work in rehearsals. Focus on the music


Start the tour strong. Constant quality control throughout the tour. Remote consultancy included


  • Experience working with male and female vocalists from pop to rock to folk to musical theatre. Vocal warmups, ear training, part writing and finding harmonies for BVs.
  • Tighten up existing arrangements. Pull your back catalogue into line with the style of your latest release. Efficient planning, making best use of rehearsal time.
  • Complete your live line-up; add rhythm section, guitars, keys, backing vocalists, string quartets, horns and more. 
  • Preparation and mixing of playback tracks for use in Ableton Live or the software of your choice. Tasteful integration of recorded elements into existing live show.
  • Will work closely with FOH Engineer and Monitor Engineer to ensure best representation of the artist, both in the auditorium and onstage. 
  • Regular checkups during the tour available, to ensure consistent quality; from band performance and vocalists’ health, to onstage technical support and maximising the potential of the FOH mix.
  • Specially prepared tracks for use in TV appearances etc. Mixes of live TV appearances for later broadcast. Live albums mixed on request. Overseeing of live recordings and special events. Post production and mixing available.

Previous Work (YouTube Playlist)



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