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Co-Writes: Alison Moyet, Scissor Sisters

The Turn Live (2013 Reissue) – Alison Moyet (Mix Engineer)

This Ain’t No Fairytale – My Girl The River (Keyboards, Recording and Mix Engineer)

minutes and seconds – live – Alison Moyet – (Keyboards, Guitar, Musical Director, Mix Engineer)

Just One Look – Simon Arlidge (Keyboards, Mix Engineer)

Not In Nashville – Simon Arlidge (Keyboards, Mix Engineer)

“Trouble” by Silverclub  (Mix Engineer)

Scissor Sisters: Acoustic Radio Performances (Keyboards, Musical Director)

Ken Bruce, BBC Radio 2 “Connected” (Stereo MCs cover)

Any Which Way, Frankfurt Radio, 2010

Fire With Fire, Frankfurt Radio, 2010

Any Which Way, Cologne Radio, 2010

Fire With Fire, Cologne Radio, 2010

Bauer Radio Show, Manchester, 2010


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