Tuition & Mentoring

I am available for private tuition.

My teaching focus reflects my experience in the music industry over the last 20 years – as musical director, keyboard player, guitarist, bass player, composer, performer, improviser and producer/mixer/arranger.

As a result, my approach is multi-disciplinary. If you’re interested in beginning or improving the following elements, get in touch.

Improvisation/instant composition

Using and programming synthesisers and soft-synths
Using Ableton, Reason and Reaper for studio or live application
Understanding basics of sound – onstage and in the studio

Orchestration for small to medium-size bands
Working within other creative disciplines – TV/Film/Theatre/Radio

Lessons are either in person or via Skype/videocall, so location is not an issue!

If you are already working professionally and are looking for further guidance, please see / / mentoring / / below


Are you looking for guidance and encouragement in ANY of the areas below? If so, get in touch to discuss mentoring. Sessions can be once a week, once a month or once a year, depending on what is most useful to you.

These sessions are aimed towards the working musician who already has some experience of gigging / touring / recording.

Mentoring can be arranged via regular Skype sessions or in person, or a combination of both.


  • Approaches to performance
  • Improving your playing
  • Exploring other styles
  • Working successfully with other musicians
  • Using FX pedals live
  • Using MIDI
  • Using softsynths live and in the studio
  • Synthesis (ADSR etc)
  • How to use different FX (modulation/delay/distortion etc)
  • Midi Sync and Playback Sync
  • Playing to Click


  • Integrating technology with a live band
  • Working with vocalists
  • Effective Collaboration with crew
  • Building a live keyboard setup
  • Designing a live playback rig
  • Keeping performances fresh on tour
  • Troubleshooting live sound issues
  • Chain of communication on tour
  • How to run effective rehearsals
  • How are production rehearsals different from band rehearsals?


  • Using Reaper / Ableton Live
  • Compositional techniques and approaches
  • Using softsynths
  • Mixing with plugins
  • Studio workflow
  • Writing / Mixing Template


  • When and how to learn new skills
  • Finding and sustaining work
  • Networking – how to do it your way
  • Career goals
  • Personal projects vs Commercial projects
  • Promoting yourself effectively
  • Staying true to yourself

Lessons /mentoring sessions can be purchased in bulk, or paid for monthly by standing order.

Lessons cancelled with more than 48 hours notice can be transferred to the following month for no extra charge.

Lessons cancelled with less than 48 hours notice are non-refundable.

Please email to enquire about fees.

DBS Certificate available on request.

I am registered with the DBS Update Service.