Pedalboard MkIII

Pedalboard MkIII

This pedalboard is designed to fit inside a Pelican 1560. Here are some pics of the build. More info below the pics:

The finished board:


There are three power supplies – one for the Eventide, one for the M9 and one multi-supply for the remaining pedals.

Pedals (at the moment) are:

Eventide Time Factor

Line 6 M9 multi FX pedal

Donner Killer Boost

Ibanez CP10 Compressor

EHX Soul Food

ZVex Mastotron

Malekko Phaser

Boss TU-2 Tuner

I also included some blue led strip lights and a couple of night lights for low-light scenarios on stage.

The Paint is a mixture of some metallic black spray paint from B&Q, and a final layer of “Prismatic” spray paint by my studio neighbours Custom Creation Paints.

Two handles on the top level included for easy removal from the Pelican (up-cycled from an old office desk in our garage).

Give me a couple of months and I’m sure I will have changed the line-up!